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Hokiemart Latest Updates

Hokiemart Upgrade 22.3 - Effective November 7th, 2022

Hokiemart will undergo an upgrade effective November 7th, 2022. The upgrade includes some minor changes to vendor name location on documents, the location of document level actions, removal of the Classic View toggle on forms, and enhancements to the Amazon Integrated Search feature.

Click here to see detailed screenshots about these changes.

Order Entry Workaround for Home Page Glitch

Instructions for Home page Workaround

Hokiemart Upgrade 22.2 - Effective July 18, 2022

Hokiemart will undergo an upgrade July 18th, 2022 which will update the following:

  • Beginning July 18, 2022, HokieMart forms will be moving from the classic version to the New UX experience.

Changes to the HokieMart Login Page

Starting Monday, May 30th 2022, the log in page to HokieMart will be moved to AWS. Below is a screenshot of how the log in will now look.

Please note that nothing is functionally changing about HokieMart and users should not experience any differences once logged in to the HokieMart system.

Temporary Procedures to Change Supplier on University Forms

The issues we were experiencing with University Forms (Direct Pay, Interdepartmental Service Request, Reimbursement Request, and Travel Agency Authorization) pre-populating with old information have largely been resolved.

The Direct Pay and Reimbursement Request forms are currently pre-populating with Supplier name “New Supplier/Address.”

Users will still need to change the Supplier to their desired Supplier when completing these forms.

For step by step instructions on how to change the supplier on a form, click here. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to resolve the issue.

Any specific questions can be directed to

Hokiemart Upgrade 22.1 - Effective March 20, 2022

Hokiemart will undergo an upgrade March 20th, 2022 which will update the following:

  • Update to Toggle Button, Expand/Collapse Line Items, & new drop down selection found here

Hokiemart upgrade coming November 15, 2021

Hokiemart will undergo an upgrade November 15th which will update the following:

Requisitioners and Approvers should review the information regarding these changes. Any questions can be submitted to