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Non-PO Payment Form Allowable Categories Including Detailed Descriptions

Academic Testing Services (E8) – Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value. Academic testing and assessment including result validation and related supplies directly associated with academic testing and assessment services
Advertising (E3)– Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value. Marketing including employment opportunities, advertising costs to promote or enhance academic or program recognition or other announcements required to be made publicly (all media).
Animal Registrations with Appropriate Authorities (A4) – Fees for registering university animals with the appropriate authorities.
Artifacts, art and exhibit fees (E9) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value. Acquisition of historical artifacts or original works of art.  Fees may include other associated charges such as transportation (freight), costs to exhibit, supplemental insurance coverage, etc.
Athletics:  Bookstore, scholarship (A20) Payments to the University Bookstore for athletic scholarship related expenditures for textbooks as per NCAA rules and regulations. 
Athletics: Medical Expenses (D1) - Medical payments for intercollegiate student athletics while participating in an intercollegiate athletic activity.  Total payments to a physical per injury per athlete shall not exceed $20,000.  All payments should be made in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations.
Athletics and Rec Sports Officials (A18) – Referees, Officials, Umpires, etc. for intercollege athletic events and including club events sponsored through University Rec Sports.
Athletics and Rec Sports: Team travel, meals and lodging (A17) – University participation in intercollegiate and Rec Sports athletic tournaments and events including team travel, meals and lodging, registration, Bowl Insurance, and tournament fees.
Business Related Training Events/Conference Planning: Facility, Attendance Fees, Lodging and Service Costs (A11) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value.  Acquisition of lodging and/or meetings rooms costs for business related events and conferences and additional associated facility services (provided meals, audio-visual equipment rental and/or services and other facility related services required).  Travel policy per diems apply.  Conference fees, seminars, training sessions, non-degree tuition and other registration fees when attended by university employees, student and applicable university affiliates or when there are costs to be covered for teaching at or making a presentation.  Included are related exhibition costs or booth rental fees for setup or mandatory design/build charges for booths or conference space based on requirements of the conference and/or the facility. 
Central Finance: Approved ‘Other’ Financial Transactions (KK) – To be utilized for approved finance related transactions and may include but not be limited to: Disability, Employee Suggestion Awards or other Recognition Costs, Late Fees, Payroll Deductions, Property Rental, Scholarships, Fellowships and Stipends; Research Project Participants (Subjects); Treasury Board and Unemployment Compensation Payments, Affiliation Payments, Refund Checks and Debt Service. 
Consulting for Academic and Research Programs (E2) Limited to purchases less than $50,000 in total value.  Including travel and living expenses.  Total university payments to an individual consultant or consulting firm should not exceed $50,00 per year.  Note, Virginia Tech has multiple contracts with organizational consulting firms which can be utilized instead of Non-PO Payment Request.
Extension/4H (K2) – Payments made on behalf of 4H or other extension agency accounts.
Freight – Outbound Heavy Haul (C1) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value. Outbound freight considered LTL (less than truckload) or requiring common carrier services.  Includes tariffs, import and export duties and custom brokerage fees.  Note: All inbound freight costs related to the purchase of goods and services is managed by the University’s Inbound Freight Partner, VPL Logistics and should not be included in this category.   (See also Shipping/Parcel Services)
Government to Government Payments (A6) Purchases from other governmental and public entities (Foreign, Federal, State, Local, Town, City, State Universities, Authorities, Public Boards and State Hospitals). 
Group Travel, Domestic US Only (E10) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value.  Group travel arrangements within the United States.  May include cost of transportation, lodging, meals and special services.  Although costs can be processed via a Non-PO Payment Request, departments are encouraged to utilize one of the university’s travel service contractors for coordinating group travel arrangements within the United States.  Excluded is Foreign Group Travel.
Group Travel to Foreign Countries (A13) This includes travel related to group or study abroad programs in foreign countries.  May include cost of transportation, lodging, meals and special services. Note: Virginia Tech is currently working on establishing service contracts with custom faculty-led study abroad program providers.
Legal Services (A9) – For Use by VT Legal only. Expert witnesses or other services associated with litigation or regulatory proceedings approved or obtained by the University Legal Counsel
Legal Settlements (A10)For Use by VT Legal only. Legal settlements approved by University Legal Counsel
Licenses and Certifications, excluding software (A3) Federal, State, Local licenses excluding software licenses
Livestock (A7) – Domestic farm animals such as horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, cattle, goats, etc.
Meals and Lodging for Invited Guests of the University, when direct billed from vendor (A5) Payment to a vendor for hotel lodging only when provided to an invited guest (e.g. speaker or interviewee). Individual lodging and meals are subject to current travel policy per diems.
Membership, dues and accreditation fees (A16) Membership and Association dues including related assessments.  Also includes Accreditation Fees.
Office of Sponsored Programs – Subcontract Encumbrances (K3) – Payments to establish subcontract encumbrances.
Photographers and Videographers (E7) All freelance, amateur or professional photographers and videographers.  The University does maintain contracts with many of these service providers.
Private Educational Institutions (A15) Payments made to private education institutions for transaction not associated with sponsored research subawards.
Qualified Student Organizations (K1) - Payments of expenses for qualified student organizations only.
Royalties/Broadcast Rights (A14) - Rights or film rentals from the producer or protected distributors.  Applies also to music rights or licensing. 
Shipping/Parcel Services Including Postage (A2) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value.  Purchases made at a US Post Office for shipping and parcel services including postage.  Also includes outbound small package delivery and express delivery services with UPS, FedEx, DHL or similar.  Small packages are considered any package not requiring an outbound large (over 150 lbs.) freight services or freight requiring import and export services (See Also Freight – Outbound Heavy Haul).
Subscriptions, excluding SaaS or Cloud Technology Related Services (E5) Limited to purchases less than $200,000 in total value.  Subscriptions, books pre-printed materials, reprints, publisher’s page changes, book subscriptions, book subventions, subscription mailing list (electronic), conference proceedings or electronic presentations regardless of their media form.  Excluded are technology subscriptions giving access to software or programs otherwise classified as SaaS or Cloud Technology.
Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Voyager Fleet Card Payments.  (A8) – Gasoline costs specifically Voyager Fleet Card Payments. Credit card charges for gasoline through the Voyage Fleet Card incurred while operating a university owned vehicle assigned directly to a University department or unit.  Exemption is not applicable for Voyager Fleet Fuel Card purchases made directly with a VT Fleet Services Voyager Card.  Emergency purchase of gasoline for a department assigned university vehicle can be included.  Jet Fuel charges for university aircraft.


The following categories have their own Payment Form in HokieMart to process request for payments;

Honorarium  (A19) –

This form is used to request an honorarium payment.  Please note the honorariums cannot be paid to a university employee or students.  Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.  These payments will have a Payment Category of A19 and account code of 14130. The following documentation should be included as an attachment to the payment form:

·         If over $500, justification from sponsor, which includes the individuals experience, expertise and education.

·         IRS W-9 for US Citizens or W-8 for Foreign Nationals.  This documentation should be submitted using this link. (insert URL)

·         The Independent Contractor Form (Insert URL)

·         Invitation Letter and/or Agenda

Refunds Requests (A22) – The Refund Request Form is used to process refund requests only.  The revenue refund account code series between 0001 and 9999 should be used.  Please use payment category (A22) and allow up to 10 business days for processing.
Utilities Payment (A1) – The Utilities Payment Form is used to process payments to vendors for services such as electricity, water, waste removal, cable services and telecommunications.  Payments made on this form should have a payment category of A1.  Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.