The Information for Vendors section of the Procurement website is intended to provide information to those Vendors wishing to do business with Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech is experiencing two phishing scams:

  • Requests for quotations. Valid requests for Bid/RFP can be found here
  • Checks that appear to be from Virginia Tech Procurement. A vendor/person receives a check in an envelope that appears to be sent from Virginia Tech Procurement. This is not a valid check from the Virginia Tech Procurement and is typically linked to an phishing email advising the vendor/person in advance that a check is being sent for some particular activity and what to do when it arrives. These checks are not valid if presented to a bank for cash.

You may also contact Bonnie Sutphin (sutphinb@vt.edu or 540-231-4637) for verification of bid requests or incidents of checks appearing to be from Virginia Tech Procurement