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Surplus Procedures

Complete the Online Surplus Property Report form(s) . 

  1. Click here to fill out the Surplus Property Report form.
  2. Attach a mailing label or piece of masking tape with SURPLUS written or typed on it to each item or lot. No POST-IT notes. Non-equipment items such as chairs, or tables, or desks, or miscellaneous office supplies, etc., may be grouped as one lot each for the same type of item.
  3. Once the form is complete and approved, it will be sent to Surplus electronically.
  4. If you need to be contacted when Surplus is coming, please make a note of it on the form. Typically pickups are made within two to three weeks unless there is a conflict with an auction or storage space is not available. Larger items may take longer to pick up.
  5. If a department wishes to deliver items to Surplus, they must call beforehand to schedule a time.
  6. Departments are responsible for assuring that all computer hard drives are erased i.e., free of all data and software. See Surplusing Your IT Equipment for more details.
  7. Computer monitors and TVs contain toxic elements, therefore, Environmental, Health and Safety Services is responsible for the disposal of all computers monitors and TVs that are NOT flat screen. For more information please see this web site
  1. Call ahead to ensure staff is available, then visit the warehouse to view items in inventory.
  2. Complete a Surplus Property Internal Transfer Authorization form for the items you wish to obtain (item, description and cost to be filled in at the time of purchase).
    • Click here to download a Surplus Property Internal Transfer Authorization form.
  3. You will need to make arrangements for transportation of the item to the desired location. If the item is too large or if assistance is needed in transporting the item, submit an Inter-Departmental Service Request (ISR) to Physical Plant.
  1. Approximately eight public auctions are held per year at the Surplus Property Warehouse.
  2. Virginia Tech employees may bid for and purchase surplus items up to a limit of $500 per item or lot.
  3. The proceeds from auction sales are returned to the university general fund. Departments may receive sale proceeds following Budget Office review if an individual item being sold is expected to bring at least $1,000.

University departments may purchase state and federal surplus property items from facilities located in Richmond and Wytheville. Contact the Surplus Property Manager at 231-5660 for details.

Per Policy 3951 Transfer of Equipment from the University to Other Domestic Institutions:

"The University purchases or fabricates thousands of pieces of equipment worth tens of millions of dollars each fiscal year. There are five major sources of funds used to acquire equipment: state funds (including Education and General and recovered overhead), Equipment Trust Fund proceeds, grants and contracts or sponsored projects funds, donations or “in-kind” gifts, and capital outlay funds or bond proceeds. Because of the extensive involvement of faculty in the creation of proposals for grants and contracts and in solicitations for donations, misconceptions about ownership sometimes arise, especially when faculty members leave the employment of the university and wish to take equipment with them. This policy clarifies the University’s ownership interest in equipment and specifies the limited circumstances under which equipment may be transferred to other institutions. If the receiving institution is outside the United States, additional procedures are necessary to ensure compliance with various security or export control laws and regulations. These additional requirements are not included in this policy."

Go to this web site to review the entire policy