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PPE and Critical Supplies

Detailed instructions for ordering personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies from the VT University Centralized Critical Supply Inventory


Step 1: Go to the Procurement link and review the chart with PPE items that are available for purchase.  Make your selections based on the department needs, while being mindful over ordering can prevent others from getting what is needed for operation. Once selections are made, a Hokiemart Requestor must enter the order on an ISR form in Hokiemart.

Step 2: Hokiemart Requestor should open the ISR form in Hokiemart and choose “VT University Centralized Critical Supply Inventory” as the vendor.

  • Copy the entire description of the item you would like to purchase from the chart on the Procurement website, and paste it in ISR description box. (It is very important that the entire description from the chart goes onto the ISR form)
  • Enter the unit of measurement such as each
  • Enter the quantity needed
  • Enter the Price as listed on the chart (Note: University centralized funding will be used to cover PPE cost for your department, but you must enter the price on the ISR form. The fund encumbrance will be released after your order is filled and picked up)
  • Enter the date to pick up the PPE from North End Center Room 2400. (Note: Orders entered and fully approved prior to 2PM will be available for pick up at the North End Center Room 2400 the next business day)
  • Enter your Department Name, Address, Contact Name and Phone Number as instructed on the ISR form.


If you only have one item to purchase choose add and go to cart.

If you have multiple items to purchase choose add to cart and return then enter the next item repeating the steps above until you reach your last item needed and then choose add and go to cart.

Step 3:  Once back in the Hokiemart cart, verify that the order delivery method of Hokiemart Will Deliver is chosen and enter your normal order and funding information.

Step 4:  After final review, submit the purchase requisition.

Step 5:  The purchase requisition will follow the usual organization workflow for department approvals prior to becoming a purchase order.

Step 6: Make sure to bring your purchase order number with you to pick up your PPE from the North End Center, Room 2400, located at 300 Turner Street NW, Blacksburg, VA 24061.  Orders entered and fully approved prior to 2PM will be available for pick the next business day between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm. 

Note: Areas outside of the Blacksburg area will place orders following the same instructions.  Once the order is completed and approved, supplies will be mailed to the ship to address on the order using the least expensive shipping method available.       

List of PPE and Critical Supplies
Item Unit of Measure Unit Price
Hand Sanitizer, Small, Fresh Hands (2oz) Ea $5.54/each
Hand Sanitizer, Medium, Liquid Performance (8oz) Ea $7.95/each
Cloth Masks, Hanes (5/pk) Ea $5.00/each
Disposable Masks (50/pk) Pack $37.66/each
Re-usable Face Shield (1 headpiece with 5 reusable shields/pk) Pack $7.50/each