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Vol 20-1 dated February 18, 2020

Topics: Standardizing University Catering- America To Go Punchout Catalog, From The University’s Accessibility Committee, Fiscal Year End Information, Janitorial Supplies available through The Supply Room Punchout, 1st Annual SWaM Champions Interest Meeting, Contracts Corner: Bar Codes on Dell Products , Change Order Requests Can Now Be Sent Electronically, Supplier Opportunity Program, VT Carilion Lab Set Up Assistance, Recently Awarded Contracts, Procurement Spotlight: Barun Padel, Look Out For- FY21 Planned Hokiemart Enhancements, and Upcoming Events: HokieMart Trainingfor Requestors and Receivers, Lab Connect

Vol 19-6 dated Oct 2, 2019

Topics: America To Go Punchout Update, New Supplier Diversity ListServ, Contracted Vendors, Change to ISR/IPR Cancellations and Encumbrnce Releases, Contracts Corner: Recently Awarded Contracts, EOB Lab’s Exoskeleton, Procurement Spotlight: Wendy Carter, Upcoming Events: Surplus 101, LabConnect

Vol 19-5 Special Edition – dated Sept. 18, 2019

Topics: Special Edition: Supplier Diversity, Save the Date for the SWaM Vendor Fair, Find out how to Win Prizes, Register for the event.

VOL 19-4 dated  August 9, 2019

Topics: America To Go Punchout, Amazon Tax, Account Code Review, Is It Unique?, Vendor Spotlight:Medline Industries Inc; FAQ: Bookstore, VTTI's Autonomous Shuttle, Procurement Spotlight: Bonnie Sutphin,and Look Out For: SWaM Vendor Fair & Upcoming Events

VOL 19-3 dated  June 1, 2019

Topics: Reminders for Purchases Under Departmental Delegation ($10K), P-Card Reminders, How to process a return to Amazon, Conflict of Interest, FAQ: Purchasing a Standing Desk, Contracts Corner: TCI America, Contract Administrator Training, Vendor Name Change for Boost Promotional Branding, Virginia Lab Safety & Sustainability Day, Tips & Tricks: Hokiemart Bulletin Board Reminder, Supllier Opportunity Program, How Do I Buy or Handle, Save the Date: Vendor Fair, NEW Lowes Punchout, Procurement Spotlight: Daysha Holmes, Look Out For: Uniform Guidance, Upcoming Events 

VOL 19-2 dated  April 1, 2019

Topics: Fiscal Year End Memo, Compliance & Charges Related to Uniform Guidance, EBay Purchases, Licensing, Surplus Property & Auction Dates, Timely Receiving in HokieMart and New Accounts Payable Automated Email Info, Procurement Spotlight: Reed Nagel, Contract Corner America To Go update, Organizational Consulting Contracts, Coming Soon..., Tips for Adding Attachment on Purchase Requisitions, and New Lab Startup Package

VOL 19-1 dated  February 1, 2019

Topics: Compliance and Changes Related to Uniform Guidance, Potential Catering Punch-out Catalog Being Explored!, Procurement Spotlight: Mary Helmick, Registration Open for the 16th Annual Laboratory Exposition, FAQ: When to Use BEST VENDOR, Promotional Items Resources, Contract Corner: Need to Know, and Training Opportunity - Contract Administrator

VOL 18-4 dated  Oct 16, 2018

Topics: How will Tariffs on China affect VT, Amazon Tips & Tricks, Departmental Delegation Reminders, How Do I Know Which Vendor to Use, Uniform Guidance Rules, Upcoming Classes, Updates to VPL Shipper Information, Contract Corner 

VOL 18-3 dated  May 14, 2018

Topics: Banner Upgrade Coming in 2018, Contract Corner: Fisher Scientific Announces Selection as VASCUPP Contract Supplier, Bio-Rad Free Shipping Available, and New Lowes Contact Information, HokieMart Training Opportunities, Import Agent Location Change, Procurement Changes Coming to Processing Sponsored Projects, Software Users - New Software License Review Request Process, Timely Receiving in HokieMart Is Always Important, and We Want You! #BeAChampion

VOL 18-2 dated  March 5, 2018

Topics: Amazon Punch‐out Catalog Coming to HokieMart

VOL 18-1 dated February 9, 2018
Topics: 15th Annual Laboratory Exposition Registration Now Open, Announcing Amazon Business, Attention Veterinary Departments, Contract Corner: New Contracts, Did You Know? Tips & Tricks, New Contracts for Promotional T-Shirts & Apparel and Vendor Lunch and Learn Guidelines

VOL 17-4 dated October 20, 2017
Topics: Contract Corner, Shipments from Outside US Guidelines, For-Profit Tradeshow and Fair Vendors, and What is a Confirming Order?

VOL 17-3 dated August 24, 2017
Topics: 2017 SWaM Vendor Fair Information, How Do I Buy ...?, Options for Faster Processing of Purchase Requisitions, Welcome Our Assistant Director for Supplier Diversity - Mark S. Cartwright , Sign up Now for Virginia Tech Contracts Training Sessions, IT Acquisitions is now IT Procurement and Licensing Solutions (ITPALS), and Contract Corner: New Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Contracts, Offices moving? We have a contract for that!, GE Healthcare & Bioscience, B & H Photos, Videos & Pro Audio, New Lab Start-Up?

VOL 17-2 dated June 14, 2017
Topics: ABC’s of Procurement, Come Fly With Us, Contract Corner: New Punchouts and Contracts, Contact Name On HokieMart Purchase Requisitions, Don’t Give Your Money Away, Hard Drives—Wipe It Before Sending to Surplus Property, New to the Procurement Page, New Fast Track Team!, Pipette Service, 2017 SWaM Vendor Fair Registration Open, Used Equipment, and What's Up Doc?

VOL 17-1 dated February 21, 2017
Topics: After-the-Fact or Confirming Purchases: What They Are and How to Avoid Them, Catering Service, Business Meals and the Purchase of Food Items, Contract Corner: New Contracts & Punchouts Available; Contract Purchases Offer Increased Purchasing Delegation, The Hotel Roanoke: The Definitive Meeting Venue in Virginia's Blue Ridge, Submitting Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) Requisitions to Procurement, Year End Purchases: It's Not Too Early, and 14th Annual New Developments in Laboratory Technology Exhibition.

VOL 16-6 dated December 7, 2016
Topics: Procurement Training Opportunities, Promotional Products Vendor NewClients, Inc. Is Now A Contract Vendor, Reminders from Copier Mgmt. Program, Sending Packages? How to Process Those Orders, ThermoFisher Finishes Merger With Alfa Aesar, and Vehicle Rentals.

VOL 16-5 dated October 26, 2016
Topics: NewEgg Punchout Catalog - Things to Remember, Employee Moving and Relocation Vendors, Enterprise Rental Car Reservations, INBOUND Freight Program is now LIVE, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Expo., New University Contract Awarded - Bright Ideas, LLC, and Successful SWaM Vendor Fair.

VOL 16-4 dated August 18, 2016
Topics: Contract Corner, Inbound Freight Savings Program, Kroger Billing Credit Applications, Printing, Copying, and CMP, Reminder Regarding The "User Will Deliver" and "Prepayment" Feature, SWaM Vendor Fair, and Tips & Tricks: Vendors who do not accept HokieMart orders.

VOL 16-3 dated June 10, 2016
Topics: Automated Request for Surplus Property Pick Ups: Paperless Enhancements Made, Buyer Spotlight, Contract Corner: Newegg Business Punchout, Direct Pay Procedures - Policy 3220, Telecommunication Purchases, Tips & Tricks: To Copy Your Cart or Not, and SWaM Vendor Fair: Have You Registered Yet To Attend?

VOL 16-2 dated April 15, 2016
Topics: Additional Tips When Entering ETF/SCHEV Orders, Clarification for Submitting ETF/SCHEV Requisitions, Contract Corner, How Do I Add a New Supplier/Vendor in HokieMart, Newly Negotiated Grainger Contract, Automated Surplus Form will require an Approver, and Sole Source Form.

VOL 16-1 dated March 8, 2016
Topics: 12.3 HokieMart Upgrade Effective November 4, 2012, Changes to Approvals, Purchase of Furniture, Sole Source Form, Non-Travel Reimbursement, AirGas, Applied BioSystems Punchout Removed, Complete Book and Media, Spectrum Chemicals, Standard for the Procurement of Information Technology Applications, Request Free Ink and Toner recycling boxes.

VOL 13-2 dated August 1, 2013

Topics: New contract locator website, user will deliver/prepayment features, Printin Services update, Browser recommendations, Custom stamps, New ship-to addresses, Non-travel reimburesements, Contract corner.

VOL 13-1 dated January 24, 2013

Topics: Change in Banner PO Import, Banner Purchase Order Import into HokieMart, Zero Dollar PRs, Header Level Split Funding, Perform Receiving Functions Timely to Ensure Invoice Discounts are Honored.

VOL 12-1 dated November 2, 2012
Topics: 12.3 HokieMart Upgrade Effective November 4, 2012, Changes to Approvals, Purchase of Furniture, Sole Source Form, Non-Travel Reimbursement, AirGas, Applied BioSystems Punchout Removed, Complete Book and Media, Spectrum Chemicals, Standard for the Procurement of Information Technology Applications, Request Free Ink and Toner recycling boxes.