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Procurement Training

The Procurement Department offers several training classes designed to help Virginia Tech faculty and staff navigate through the rules, regulations and procedures.

All courses can be scheduled through Division of Human Resources / Talent Development / PageUp Training Management System:

HokieMart Requestor Training is recommended for anyone who has purchasing responsibilities for their department. The training will cover the basics on HokieMart navigation and how to submit a requisition. Zoom and in person options are both available; sign up for Requestor training on the PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning library. We also offer on demand videos that review the basics of HokieMart and show tutorials on how to enter each type of order. Additional questions can be submitted to

The Requestor is the individual (user) who initiates the electronic purchase of goods and services.

This training material is also applicable for an “On Behalf Of’ Requestor – an individual who orders for themselves or for their department. These users may typically be faculty members or graduate students who do not have access to Banner Finance and will need to order ‘On Behalf Of’ someone in their department who does.

The on demand training videos and supporting documentation can be found on the HokieMart Training webpage:

If you are a HokieMart Requestor and Receiver, please take the Requestor session first. This will build a good foundation for you and serve as an introduction to HokieMart.

A Receiver is defined as an individual who will be responsible for keying into the system the actual goods and services receiving information. This may be different from the person who actually sees the delivery being made or verifies the items from the packing slip at the time of delivery.

Receiver training is conducted by Rebecca Goad in the Controller’s Office. You can sign up for the Receiver training on the PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning library.

Procurement is offering a two-part training class designed to overview the why’s and how’s of purchasing goods and services for Virginia Tech.  This course was developed to give faculty and staff with buying responsibilities as part of their job duties, a good foundation of knowledge regarding the processes and procedures followed to make purchases on behalf of the university.  The course is taught through two separate sessions both two hours in length. Register by using the PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning library. Register for each section: ABC's of Procurement Session I and Session II. They do not have to be taken in numerical order. 

This course will provide details needed to understand the university surplus property process. All university fixed assets, when they are at the end of their useful life, become surplus property and must be disposed of properly.

The training for Surplus 101 is now being offered on the PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning library

This course will teach you the basics about contract administration of Virginia Tech contracts for goods and services. This course will also cover methods for resolving contract and contractor challenges and offer an important overview of Ethics and Conflict of Interest relating to contract administration.

The training for Contract Administrator is now being offered on the PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning library.