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Effective Oct 1, 2023, ITPALS has transferred to the VT Procurement Department. 

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Procedures for IT Procurement (Following the transition of ITPALS to VT Procurement)

  • Step 1:  Determine if your IT related purchase qualifies for the Low Risk Low Cost Expedited Acquisition Program.  Click here for more information.
  • Step 2:  All other types of IT related purchases will start with a HokieMart requisition being submitted in HokieMart.  This requisition will route automatically to VT Procurement Buyers who will then be in contact with you within two business days to assist with the purchase.
  • Step 3:  If you are unsure about buying technology, reach out to VT Procurement at,, or 540-231-6221.

Helpful Information:

  • All IT related HokieMart requisitions should be coded to one of these expenditure account codes:

12221  Electronic Subscriptions

12740  Computer Hardware Maintenance Services

12750  Software Maintenance Services

12755  Cloud Plug In Application Services

12756  Cloud Infrastructure/Platform Services

12760  Computer Operating Services VITA

12770  Computer Operating Services (Non-State)

12780  VITA Information Technology Infrastructure Services

12781  Allocated Computing Charges

12790  Computer Software Development Services

12791  Personal Software

12792  Server Software

13730  Computer Operating Suppliers

13731  Workstation Supplies

13732  Personal Software

13733  Server Software

13743  Education Programs Notebooks

1373R  Recruiting Software

15210  Computer Capital Leases

15220  Central Processor Capital Leases

15230  Computer Software Capital Leases

15310  Computer Rentals (non mainframe)

15320  Computer Processor Rentals

15330  Computer Software Rentals

22110  Desktop Client Computers

22125  Mobile Client Computers

22140  Mainframe Computers and Components

22150  Servers

22160  Network Components

22170  Other Computer Equipment

22180  Computer Software Purchases

22181  Personal Computer Software

22182  Server Software

22190  Development Tools Purchases

Click here to learn more about low risk, low cost software purchase program

How do I submit a purchase request for low-risk, low-cost software (under ≤$10,000)?

  • First, be sure to check with The Software Service Center to determine if the software you wish to purchase is available for purchase from the VT Software Service Center.
  • The department wishing to purchase software or an IT service must assess if the planned procurement meets all requirements for a low-risk, low-cost purchase as specified above.  Consultation with Procurement IT Buyers is available via email to, but not required.
  • The planned procurement must be registered through the ServiceNow Low-Risk, Low-Cost Software Review process. The Department Head must approve the plan to indicate that the procurement meets all requirements for low-risk procurement, agree to all terms and conditions for the software and/or IT service, and acknowledge that there will not be other reviews of the software, IT service or associated terms and conditions. The requestor and the department head/approver cannot be the same person. Reports of software and IT service procured will be subject to spot checks.
  • The procurement may then be completed using HokieMart, via a purchasing card (P-Card), or through an online “click-through” agreement if a payment is not required. Normal rules and cost limits for HokieMart or P-Card procurements apply.




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