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Printing Services- Outside Vendors To Contact For Services

VT Procurement has issued the following contracts for general printing services including requirements to adhere to brand standards of the University.

These contracts are loaded in Hokiemart for immediate use.

For Departments Wishing to Utilize the University Bulk Mailing Permit for Large Mailings

You can request any of the contracted printing companies to utilize the Bulk Mail VT permit, but you (the department) need to maintain the below items for audit purposes (by USPS) and email a copy of them to each time you utilize the permit.

•             Copy of the printing invoice

•             Copy of the invoice showing the usage of the permit and amount

•             Digital copy of the item created

Ultimately if VT’s permit is used improperly, the department requesting the service would be responsible and/or it might impact a vendors approval from VT.

Vendor Name Contract Number Vendor Contact Phone Number
Accurate Printing VTS-1718-2022 Herman Neece 1-703-494-0707 ext. 119
Bison Printing Inc VTG-1689-2022 Andy Chocklett 1-540-586-3955
Carter Printing UCPJMU4582 Bob Lindenzweig 1-804-359-9206
Collinsville Printing WM20-2283 Kevin Smith 1-276-252-9363
Heeter Printing VTG-1685-2022 Kullen Dickinson 1-724-746-8900
McClung Companies UCPJMU4583 Mary Murphy 1-800-942-1066
MCR Inc VTG-1696-2022 Chris Leibin 1-440-484-3010
Old Town Printing and Copying VTG-1661-2022 Danielle Sempervivo 1-540-382-6793
Professional Printing VTG-1691-2022 Debbie Martini 1-757-714-7135
Professional Printing VTG-1691-2022 Priscilla Beasley 1-757-547-1900 ext. 106
Progress Printing VTG-1686-2022 Wayne Claybrook 1-800-572-7804 ext. 7516
Strategic Factory VTG-1683-2022 Kimberly Barefield 1-443-589-3144
Wordsprint VTG-1671-2022 Bill Gilmer 1-540-382-9111
Worth Higgins UCPUMW16-381 Elizabeth Bolka 1-804-264-2304