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America to Go FAQ’s


AP Approval of event on State Funds can be obtained by adding a comment on the Hokiemart PR PRIOR TO COMPLETING THE ORDER.  This comment should contain the name of the event and the business purpose of the event and if there will be attendees outside of Virginia Tech. 

When in the search box choose to send this email to (First name) Catering (Last name) Approval.  This will route the email to the group in AP who will be processing orders and giving you the needed approval. 

Complete the order as normal.  Ideally you will receive an answer from AP in 48 hours from the time you send the comment.  Where the event happens prior to receiving AP approval the department will proceed with the order at their own risk assuming it will be approved for purchase on State funds.

If the event is not approved for payment on state funds the user will cancel the order with ATG and in Hokiemart.  If the user still wants to have the event they will use foundation funds and the foundation’srules and procedures to purchase outside of the hokiemart system.

If you do not have foundation funds you will need to make changes to lower the per person amount to stay within AP’s per diem range.

If your department has foundation funds to use to cover the overage put the foundation fund number in the internal notes section of the PR in Hokiemart.  AP has a clearing fund they will use to pay the overages in Hokiemart and then they will bill your foundation fund afterwards for the amount used.

Alcohol will be treated similar to the over per diem issue discussed in #3.  Please put the foundation number you want to pay for the alcohol with in the internal notes of the hokiemart requisition.  Alcohol charges will not be invoiced electronically. AP will send any alcohol related charges straight to the foundation for payment directly to the vendor.

Possibly depending on how the caterer does business.  If they allow for complicated catering with many options such as linen, utensils, flowers, room rental etc. it may be in the best interest for you for the caterer to provide you a quote ahead of time and then load that quote into the ATG system as a custom order for you to go out and pick up when ordering in hokiemart.

Yes you will still need to do this.  This can be added after the event takes place and you have the completed list of who attended your event.  Attach the list to the Hokiemart Receipt as an attachment when doing your Hokiemart Receiving.  By doing this AP can review this list when they process the payment.

The VT department should do receiving as soon as the event is completed.  Any changes from the original order should be put in the notes section of the receipt along with the ok to pay for those changes.  Remember to attach the list of attendees to the receipt.

No. The vendor will finalize the event with ATG and 48 hours later America To Go will send an electronic invoice via Hokiemart to AP.   This invoice will be visible in Hokiemart.

Just like any other electronic invoice in hokiemart.  The only difference is with ATG orders there will be a step in the invoice workflow in hokiemart that will stop the invoice for AP to look at the order, check for the attendees and make sure that everything is correct before approving.  It will give AP a chance to pay per diem overages using the clearing fund if necessary and bill the foundation for those overages. After AP approval the invoice will complete processing as usual.

America To Go will pay the caterer after the event.  Virginia Tech will issue a payment to America to go after processing of the electronic invoice.

There are short instructional videos on many of the topics discussed in these FAQ’s.  Those videos are located on the “Videos” Tab on the ATG Punchout Landing Page.

Virginia Tech FAQ’s about Ordering on America To Go

America To Go Customer Service Number:  1-(866)-ATG-TOGO or

You will access the America To Go punchout just like you would any other Virginia Tech Punchout vendor.  Log into HokieMart and choose the America To Go tile.

If you have a favorite restaurant or caterer that you do not see on the list, call America To Go. They will look into adding the vendor to the program as soon as possible and will keep you posted.

There is no minimum dollar amount required to place an order in the punchout. However, vendors may have their own minimum requirements. This information is available on each vendor’s America To Go information page.

Only if it is allowed by the vendor, to find out contact America To Go Customer Service. They will call the vendor and ask if an item minimum can be removed so you can process your order. Please note that item minimums are set at the vendor’s discretion and therefore cannot always be overridden.

Yes. Most items on an America To Go menu include the option to “Add Special Instructions.” This feature allows you to customize your order the way you like: put dressing on the side, hold the onions, etc.

Many Restaurants require you to make a choice if service wear such as forks, knives, plates are needed with your order.  Some provide that for free and some charge for it. Many restaurants make you choose from their menu if service wear is needed before you can proceed to the next step.

The department will decide on the amount of gratuity that the vendor will get by indicating a percentage or dollar amount on each order.  If the service was exceptional or sub-par and you would like to adjust your gratuity after the fact, please contact America To Go Customer Service. 

Note:  In situations where the vendor charges mandatory fees, you may not be allowed to include a gratuity.  If the option is not available you cannot include gratuities in your order.

Once your order is approved by your hokiemart approvers, it will be electronically sent to the America To Go immediately. America To Go will immediately send your order to the Vendor through their electronic vendor portal. When the vendor confirms they can accommodate the order at that date and time with the items requested, you will receive a confirmation email from America To Go (

If you do not get a confirmation email from America To Go, we recommend reviewing the status of your HokieMart requisition to ensure it has completed the approvals process and to ensure it was sent to the vendor by America To Go with enough time for preparation and delivery – especially if you have a small window of time.

If you would like to check on the status of your order, please go to My Orders tab in America To Go and check the Status column to make sure your order has been confirmed.

When ordering in America To Go you will put the place you want the food delivered and any other additional delivery information in the “Delivery Instructions” section of the America to Go ordering wizard.  This is the information that will be sent to the vendor that they will deliver to, not the ship to address in your Hokiemart Cart.

You have the option to contract the vendor directly, in person, by email or phone. 

It is highly encouraged by America To Go to use their Customer Service Team to handle inquires before and after your order is placed including menu questions, delivery issues and changes to existing orders. This ensures that you, America To Go and the vendor have the most up-to-date information regarding your order, that your order arrives properly and that it is invoiced correctly.

Yes. To add or remove items to an existing order, simply go to the My Orders tab in America to Go and select Edit in the Actions column. The order will load in the cart. Simply make the necessary edits, checkout and re-submit the order. You will receive an updated confirmation email once those changes have been confirmed with the vendor.

The Edit option is not available within 24-hours of delivery. Please contact America To Go. They will contact the vendor to see if the changes can be accommodated and if so, adjust the order accordingly.

Call America To Go immediately. They will contact the vendor ASAP and ensure that the vendor corrects the error, and, if necessary, adjust the invoice.  If the vendor is unable to correct the order promptly, America To Go will help find a vendor that can meet your needs.

To cancel your order, simply go to My Orders tab in America to Go and select Cancel in the Actions column. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email once the vendor has confirmed the cancellation.

The Cancel option is not available within 24-hours of delivery. Please contact America To Go. They will contact the vendor to see if the cancellation can be accommodated. Note that each vendor sets its own cancellation policy and there may be a charge for last-minute cancellations.

Virginia Tech has left the gratuity at your discretion. If you receive substandard or extraordinary service and would like the gratuity adjusted, please call America To Go’s Customer Service team (866.ATG.TOGO or and the gratuity will be adjusted per your request.

No. Each vendor determines if and how it wants to charge for delivery. Some may charge a small fee on all orders. Some may only charge to travel to certain locations.  Others may not charge a fee at all.

Detailed delivery information is listed on each vendor’s America To Go information page so you can find out before you order.

No.  Each vendor decides whether to charge a set-up fee.  If there is a set-up fee, it will clearly be displayed in the cart for visibility before the order is placed.

There is no cost to the vendors to join the program. Vendors pay only based on the orders that they receive.

No. There is no minimum volume requirement to join the program.

Some vendors can easily turn around an ASAP order or squeeze in an order for the following day even if they usually have a 24-hour lead time.  Other vendors, especially event caterers, may always require 72-hour notice. America To Go lists this information on each vendor’s America To Go front page so you know before you place your order.  America to Go also allows the vendor to set their operation hours and block off times that they are closed due to holidays, weather, or other circumstances.

If you are ever in doubt, call America To Go’s Customer Service team.  They will contact the vendor and verify whether the vendor is able to accommodate your order before you go through the trouble of placing it, or they will find a different vendor that can.

If your order is truly last minute, e.g., you need food in an hour, and you know which ATG vendor can do it, call them! Once you’ve placed the order verbally with them, let America To Go know. They will coordinate with the vendor to ensure that a customized order is uploaded in the America To Go system for you to process accordingly.

Restaurants are able to post and change their hours and make time restrictions on menu items unavailable during hours they are not open or do not cater or deliver.  If you try to order an item and there is not an option to add it from the menu to the ATG cart this is most likely the case.  If you have questions call America To Go’s Customer Service team to verify this is the issue and if it can be altered.

Contact the vendor or America To Go’s Customer Service team with the event information. Once the event details are finalized, America To Go or the vendor will upload the order for processing through the America To Go System.

You will receive an email once the order is ready for processing including steps on how to process it. Once you are notified, please go to the America To Go punchout and process the order.

Yes. Contact America To Go’s Customer Service team, and they will put you in touch with your dedicated Account Manager who can help you select a caterer that meets your needs and fits your budget. Once the details of your event are finalized, America To Go will work with the vendor to make sure it is entered and invoiced properly through the system.

You can process a past-dated order exactly how you would a normal order except when you enter the past date, you will receive a pop-up warning asking you to confirm that you intend to place a past-dated order. Simply select OK and continue on to the vendor’s menu to process your order. Note – when entering a past-dated custom order, make sure your custom order has been uploaded to the system first.  

As a reminder, past-dated orders need to be approved for invoicing and payment just like a normal order. Once the order is approved by your approver and received by America To Go, past charges will be verified with the vendor, and the order will be invoiced to Virginia Tech accordingly.

Call America To Go. They will let you know whether the vendor is already in the pipeline. If so, they will notify you when the vendor is available so you can process your orders. If past-dated, please see question 18 (How do I place a last-minute order).

Virginia Tech sent America To Go a list of restaurants and caterers along with Virginia Tech insurance requirements. America To Go sent a letter to those vendors on behalf of Virginia Tech and visited them all to discuss the program. Vendors also were also added by user request or per research into area vendors meeting Virginia Tech specifications. Those vendors that agreed to all the terms and met all of the requirements were included in the program.

Virginia Tech insurance requirements are included in the contract that all vendors sign with America To Go. All vendors on America To Go’s site have agreed to those terms and are required to provide updated certificates of insurance on an annual basis.

Vendors contractually agree not to mark up prices. When a vendor agrees to join the program, it submits a copy of its menu. This is the same menu and pricing you would receive if you picked up the phone to place an order.

America To Go also periodically checks vendors’ menus. Finally, users should alert America To Go if discrepancies are found and America To Go will follow-up with the vendor to ensure pricing is correct. 

Yes. No tax will be charged on orders placed by Virginia Tech through the America To Go system unless the user chooses the “non tax exempt button when ordering”.

America To Go and Virginia Tech strongly encourage vendors to continue to offer a Virginia Tech Discount where applicable. However, this is ultimately at each vendor’s discretion.

No. All orders through America To Go should be placed through the Hokiemart Punchout and will be invoiced and paid automatically. 

Yes.  Vendors are available in many other cities. If you would like to have a vendor added in another city or to learn more, please contact America To Go’s Customer Service team. 

Please call America To Go Customer Service team to place your order. America To Go will coordinate with the vendor to ensure your order is delivered on-time and will help you process the order through the system once service is restored.

Customer Service is available at 866.ATG.TOGO and