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Virginia Tech Procurement Procedures for Purchases Required to be sent to an Alternative Address - Effective 4/8/2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and in accordance with guidance received from Dr. Pinkney and Dr. Clarke,, university purchases should be limited to those critical to maintaining operations of your area.  Spending not critical to the operation of your area should be eliminated. This includes the hiring of outside consultants, renovations, equipment, or any other discretionary cost or activity.

For critical purchases, ship-to addresses optimally should remain addressed to an official Virginia Tech departmental address. Home addresses of employees will not be added to HokieMart.  Virginia Tech Mail Services will continue to deliver packages to university units on the Blacksburg campus per their revised service plan for essential operations:

Requests to raise spending limits on the university’s purchasing card to have purchases sent to alternative ship to addresses will no longer be honored.

At Virginia Tech’s statewide locations as well as in Blacksburg, situations exist during this time of emergency where a purchase of goods must be shipped to an alternative address.  In these justified circumstances, the following options can be utilized.


Option 1 – Essential Purchases to An Alternate Ship-to Addresses Will Be Completed by Central Procurement Personnel (Applicable for all Dollar Amount Purchases)

Any essential purchase that must be shipped to a nonstandard VT ship-to address shall be submitted to central procurement for processing. To facilitate the transfer of the requisition to central procurement, the supplier should be selected as “Best Vendor”. All other sections of the requisition should be completed as normal, including data entry of the line item details of the order to be placed.  Include in the internal notes the alternative address, the preferred supplier to fulfill the order and a justification why the order is considered “essential” and include or attach all other information needed for procurement to complete the order.  All approval workflow will still apply to the order.  Procurement will ensure the standard university ship to address is removed and replaced with specific instructions to the vendor to ship the order to the alternative ship to address.

Please note: 

1.    Requisitions created through HokieMart Punchout catalogs cannot be used for alternative ship-to-address purchases.  You can still order from these companies but you must use a non-catalog requisition to place that order and select <Best Vendor> as explained above.  Processing will be completed by central procurement buying staff. 

2.    We cannot guarantee vendors will follow our requests for alternative shipping addresses as some vendors process VT orders through their own electronic systems that may not recognize our request.  Requesting tracking or order information will be the responsibility of the university departments once the PO is issued.  Procurement cannot assist with redirecting purchases not processed correctly by the vendor.

3.    If the purchase contains any item that meets the definition of a university trackable fixed asset, you will receive instructions regarding what the recipient must do upon receipt of that fixed asset.  The university will track all fixed assets being delivered to home addresses with the full expectation they are returned to university facilities once the emergency is over for tagging and tracking.    

4.    For equipment purchases, put the custodian and location in the internal notes and attachment section of HokieMart.

5.    If you have an existing essential purchase order in HokieMart for a product that has not yet shipped and would like it to be shipped to an alternate address, you must cancel the purchase order and resubmit following these guidelines.

Option 2 – Amazon Business Purchases Up to $2K can be made direct on with payment via the university pcard and the ability to change the ship to address at checkout.  All purchases must be deemed essential and will be monitored closely by the University from within our amazon business account.  Pcard reconciliation documentation must include a justification for an essential purchase during this emergency and notation of the alternative ship to address.  All Amazon purchases shall be be processed through the university’s amazon business account using your email address as the username.  Amazon Prime shipping benefits and discounts for the university will still be applied. 

Please note:

1.    You must request a security change to your Amazon Business setup to allow this method of ordering by sending request to

2.    Specific procedures will be provided walking you through this alternative Amazon Business purchase process. 

3.    Procurement staff will assist any departmental staff members that still needs to join the university’s Amazon Business master account.  Email

Questions regarding these procedures for alternative ship-to addresses should be sent to  We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation relating to procurement activities during the COVID-19 emergency situation.