FAQ's- Acquisition of PPE and Critical Supplies

A: To fill out the Planning Survey for PPE Needs click here.

A:  PPE will be available for distribution once the University leaves the essential operations only phase. At that point, a University wide announcement will be sent out and the Internal Service Form will be made available for use.

A:  Yes, we will be able to supply PPE to all University units. Supplies will be shipped to you in the most cost-effective way. We ask university locations across the Commonwealth to communicate and request inventory by location to reduce shipping costs. We would strongly suggest requesting a consultation with Procurement through the survey to discuss those details. Critical Supplies and PPE Survey for Departments

·    Surgical/procedural disposable masks

·    Latex or nitrile gloves

·    Cloth/re-useable, washable masks/face covering

·    Hand sanitizer (2 oz. and 12 oz. bottles)

·    Disinfectant spray/bottles for surfaces

·    No-contact thermometers for temperature monitoring

·    N95 exhalation vented respirator masks for laboratory settings

·    KN95 non-vented respirator masks for high risk individuals or medical settings

In Limited Supplies:

·     Disinfectant Wipes (due to a national shortage of wipes)

·    Full Face Shields (limited supply for specific situations/interaction levels)

·    Digital or Ear Thermometers for individual monitoring.

A:  Should departments need any PPE or critical supplies prior to the timeframe explained above, they can make their request to the University’s Incident Management Team or individually submit an Emergency Services Resource Allocation Request Form.  Allocation of PPE and Critical Supplies while the university is under “essential operations only” status will be reviewed and if the request is authorized, inventory can be picked up at the Surplus Warehouse at a scheduled time. 

A: Both pickup and delivery will be an option for attaining PPE supplies. Departments will need to specify their preference when submitting the Internal Service Request form. More details will be forthcoming when the University announces a return to normal operations.

A: The survey is being used as a tool for planning the quantity of PPE needed.  Departments will still need to complete an ISR in HokieMart to order and request delivery of product.  A notice to campus will be made that ISR is available.

A: You will place your order through the Internal Service Request form in HokieMart. Additional instructions will be posted when the ISR is deployed in HokieMart.

A: Departments should assess their needs and place orders accordingly. We are encouraging each department to fill out the survey Critical Supplies and PPE Survey for Departments that will allow Procurement to estimate and plan for the long term needs of PPE and critical supplies.   Due to the high demand and limited supply, conservation and appropriate use of PPE and critical supplies remains paramount to be sure the university maintains an adequate stock

A: Pricing information will be available on Procurement’s website and will be linked to the ISR form.  There will be no mark up on cost recoveries for these products.

A: Surplus and Procurement will work to turn orders around quickly and aims to deliver orders to departments in one business day.

A: The University asks that all PPE orders be placed to the central inventory if possible. In the event that there are additional products your department needs, Procurement can assist in sourcing those.

For many of the products, there is still a shortage in the general supply chain for quality products that are effective in the mitigation of the virus.  The University prefers that orders be centralized in larger quantities to achieve the greatest savings in costs but also a higher opportunity for acquisition in a competitive supply chain.

In addition, the University is seeing an increase in non-reputable firms entering in to the market of providing PPE and critical supplies.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  

A: Initial distributions of reasonable quantities of PPE and critical supplies will not be billed directly to departments. Instead the university is handling the costs centrally for PPE and critical supplies needed to resume operations. Exceptional or extraordinary requests of quantities or if there are specialized PPE/critical supplies needed that are beyond what is reasonably necessary to resume operations will be charged to departments via the ISR billing process in HokieMart/Banner.  

A: The Emergency Inventory was formulated based on volunteered items from departments across campus has sustained the operations of the university while PPE and critical supplies could not be located.  Any inventory remaining from that accumulation of PPE in March will be transferred over to the new centralized inventory created as a long-term approach to the pandemic.

A: We will continue to run this program until the supply chain stabilizes and departments can acquire these needed products easily. We will communicate to departments when they should order PPE and critical supplies under their delegated authority.

May 27, 2020 – V5