Purchasing Department

Purchasing Training

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The Procurement Department offers monthly classes for new employees or employees that need additional training in Purchasing activities. Classes are held on the third Thursday of every month (except the month of December) from 9:30 to 3:00 in the Controller's Large Conference Room. Classes size ranges from 4 to 10 people.

Also offered is a Banner Finance Purchasing Query Class.

Class Objectives

  • To provide a general understanding of how the Procurement Department supports the procurement needs of the campus community.

  • To provide an overview of the HokieMart Electronic Business System.
  • To provide an overview of Purchasing methods that have been delegated to Departments (i.e., Hokie Mart Orders, Corporate Purchasing Card (P-Card), and Direct Pay)
  • To provide an overview of ethics, procedures, and laws, mandatory sources, necessary administrative approvals, and other items that affect purchasing activities (i.e., VCE, Printing, Surplus, Contracts).

Class Agenda

  • Overview
    • Mission And Goals
    • Ethics In Purchasing
    • Personnel Directory
    • Purchasing News
  • De-Centralized/Delegated Purchasing
    • Overview of the HokieMart
    • P-Card Procedure
    • Policy 3220: Direct Payment Procedures
  • Centralized Purchasing
    • Requisition Preparation Guidelines
      • Listing Sheets Guidelines
      • Sole Source Procedure
    • Purchase Orders
      • Frequently Asked Questions About Contract Administration
    • Guidelines For Preparation Of Request For Purchase Order Change
    • Change Orders
  • General Purchasing Procedures and Information
    • Virginia Tech Contracts
    • State Contracts
    • Surplus Property Report Form
    • Minority Business Program
    • Procedure For Contracting For Conference/Meeting Facilities
    • Freight And Transportation Services
    • Furniture Purchases - Mandatory Source
    • VCE Release Request
    • Printing Related Purchases
    • Telecommunication Procedures
    • Vehicle Purchases